Doujinshi Scan-Sharing #4 (and the last one)
I was actually supposed to do this for such a long time. Oh well, better now than never.
In this entry I will share with you the scans for the last batch of the Doujinshi I own. Maybe there is also something there for you.

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And here I am back again
... it has been pretty long since I have been here the last time, eh?
I dunno, I just guess that I didn't have much to write and life has been fluctuating recently. I still see that my Doujinshi downloads are popular as ever (especially when I check my emails which always updates me on how many times my downloads have been clicked); I am still not entirely done with all of the scanning of the rest of my Doujinshi, but this will come soon. And, if anyone out there is interested, I will also put up a download of my Kiryu x Aki Doujinshi on here after I finally finish it - tehshogundude from Deviantart is a partner of mine in this little project, and has written out the story script for me to follow, while I draw the entire thing. I am only on page 5 of 20, and holy shit is it hard to try and keep to the style of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's a bit closer.

.... and because I love to spoiler people, here is a preview.

Other than that, I am into Homestuck now and fangirling mostly about Eridan Ampora. ^^;;; But holy shit, I never knew before that I have such a liking to royal alien fish boys with glasses. And I have the feeling that I have also infected a friend of mine with my fangirlism?`Because she won't stop blogging about him. What monster have I created?

Maybe I will also post my Homestuck stuff here? I am thrilled about the whole Homestuck Shipping Olympics anyway and am in the most lovely team I ever could have hoped to be. Team Eridan <3 Karkat - and they were so nice to be right there for me when I was going through the breakup with my boyfriend; when I was screaming and crying and thought I would go insane, they were right there for me, trying to calm me down over our Skype chat. Fuck, I wouldn't have known what to do without them.

But yeah, I conlcude this little update here now, and now people know I am not dead. :)

Why I like conspiracy theories
... I am so sure that conspiracy theories, UFOs and paranormal activities are what makes my life more spicy. And I feel like I could explain here why I have so many entries tagged with "conspiracy theory" on this LJ blog. Many could see me being nuts, but it has a reason. Many reasons, in fact.

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I remember I have been into the paranormal as a little kid already, ever since my parents got me this "Encylopedia of Unexplained things". I remember that the section about UFOs and Aliens was the most horrifying for me back then, leading me to train how to stand up from bed as quickly as possible to run away if ever one of those beings would come at night.

For years after this childhood, I had forgotten about this passion of mine, trying to find out all I can about the subject, but maybe I was just too limited back then, in times when we didn't have a computer...

NOW I feel like most of the things I have heard of come back to me again, and I find more and more traces...
it is weird how all of the "conspiracy theories" are like pieces of a large puzzle. The more pieces I get, the bigger the picture gets, and each piece gives me a clue to the very next one I just happen to need - and I get a glimpse into the darkness of the humans, all the while trying to keep my sanity, and asking myself  how people can be so cruel to other people.

I have heard wild things, crazy things, some things that could easily be dismissed because they just seem too crazy to be really true, and yet, it leads to the next piece of this "puzzle".
UFOs, and Aliens, this is how it all started for me.
It lead me to Chemtrails, and the obsession to photograph planes spewing out these "chemtrails"...
I heard about Reptilian Shapeshifters inside our governments, trying to bring about the New World Order - by reducing the world population through new diseases, which I have seen occuring in a way. BSE, SARS, bird flu, all of these suddenly coming up...
at one point it lead me to the journey into myself, starting when this elderly women gave these books to me, saying it is now the right time for me to have these "materials", saying this in this mysterious tone, promising to me that it would answer most of what I kept wondering about. This book was "Ra, the Law of One", the second book she gave me was "Hidden Hand". Ra was the one book which brought me so much joy while Hidden Hand was written like from the "evil side" of things and made me for once not hating the evil. These books lead me to the "Terra Papers" and then to "Matrix V" which I all love to bits and pieces. They explained a lot to me, but I still want to know more, so I search around everywhere, trying to find more.
I have found out about Mind Control, and people in the music industry being the victims of the so called "Monarch Project".

My current obsession is with alleged real "psychics", something like the Arcadia Movement of 5D's gone real, the so called Montauk Project which supposedly ended on the day when the lead psychic made a monster from his dream real and solid... This project killed many young boys on the way which reminded me so much of Divine in Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's. As much fun as it was in the fictional, the idea that many people who disappeared but never were to be found again because they were used to ritual sacrifices or in the Montauk Project is kinda unsettling.
But the fascinating thing are the stories about time travel, travel to other realities and contact with aliens...
I find it also funny how YuGiOh ZEXAL  suddenly deals with the Astral plane of being, which is exactly what I am currently into!

I just... I just love my conspiracy theories, because I open my eyes and feel like I see the entire world like I never saw it before.
It made me realize for myself that the world is not "flat", and that we as humans just do not have seen everything yet.
We often pretend we already know everything about the world around us and go about our daily buisness without once stopping to wonder if this is all "reality" or why we do the things we do. We dismiss the things that simply do not fit into what we have been taught since day 1 of our lives.
Conspiracy theories to me forced me to open up a little bit more, halt, and enjoy what I already have and it gave me the certainty that there are many things left unsolved for humanity and for myself.

I am an incarnation living on this Earth for the experience, to observe and to draw conclusions for myself.

This is my reason for not being able to stop with these.

And I marvel at the simple beauty of how one keyword leads me to the next, and that what I find then just answers my next question. Just open your eyes, look around you and find what you have been looking for.


And for the end of this LJ entry, have some vids that you can watch if you want to. ;) It is one of the crazy interesting stories...

America - Oh my mum... why is she is like this?
I am writing this from the computer at the hosue of my boyfriend - so, I currenly am in Houston, Texas, United States from America, when I usually am located in Germany.

Greetings to everyone who reads this blog entry!

I don't really know what to write, and wish I could just upload some photos I took for everyone else here to see (which would be just photos of some general sightseeing thing around here, like the NASA space center that I visited too), but my mobile won't let me to load the photos I took to the computer here without the right software installed, so I will just add this later on in another entry. What to say? I am returning this Sunday, and will arrive Monday morning, and am currently baking a cake for my boyfriend's birthday today, worrying a bit about what my mother would say to me upon my return. Because I came here against her will entirely - she would have done ANYTHING to stop me from coming to America, which is why I kept my plans secret for over 4 months, in secret obtaining the necessary visa and plane tickets and then of course fly away while my mother took a vacation in Poland. I wonder how I was able to keep it all secret at all, because all she had to do to know about my plans was there on the internet to read. All she had to do was to watch my DeviantArt front page with the journal on the right side, and she would have known.

It is not that I don't understand that she is worried I might come back pregnant - but I am quite offended she thinks I cannot "control" myself and that she thinks that I am obviously so stupid to ruin my life by coming back pregnant while I am supposed to finish my studies in Biology and finally obtaining my Bachelor of Science degree which is one of my current priorities in my life.

What am I to think about my mother, who is worried that upon my return I am pregnant and already married to my boyfriend? Heck, she even thinks that my boyfriend's mother is sending out "marriage invitations" already just because she feels like wanting to write a small greeting to my grandmother (my mother's mum) to learn some polish on the side! What is so wrong with that?! It is just a greeting postcard, for F*ck's sake! I am not getting married just yet and am not pregnant and still a virgin, so what is there to worry about?? Besides, if I want to come to America again, I will have to earn 1000 Euro again somehow, and this will take a while considering that the first time I needed 5 years and over 200 self-made knitted plushies to reach this goal, so it is not that I will be able to "run away" again the next day. UNLESS I get a real job of course.

Sometimes I just do not understand the woman who brought me into this world. I just know that I learned patience from an early age on from her which comes in handy in my life. It is also not that I hadn't any heavy makeout-sessions while I was alone with my love. But I am certain we haven't stripped each other naked at first sight. Instead, we had Ju-Jitsu classes together, went along the beach at sundown, went to the cinema... just things a usual couple does and which I cannot have whenever I want to. I have to wait for years to be able to just do the normal things with my boyfriend - which is the main downside of a long-distance relationship. But once I am able to do so, I will enjoy and cherish it all the more. All of what I have seen and experienced here, every single second... was the best time I had in my life. I have gotten to know the people my boyfriend knows, and seen the world how he sees it, and it made us grow closer too. I have gotten to know his family, and his sisters have become my sisters in a way, his mother has become something like a mother to me too. I wish my own mum would be as friendly and understandable as her. Also I consider myself a lucky girl. How many females can say the mum of their boyfriend actually likes them? Exactly!

I just wonder now how Life will go on.... I will come back again, see my brother again, whom I love so much that I cannot imagine to live without him in the future... I will have to learn to live without seeing my boyfriend or be able to kiss him... but I will endure it, until one day... I will be ready to live with him, build up an own home with him. Until then, I will keep all those moments in my heart, silently wishing that all places I know would only be a few kilometres apart and not around half the globe.

I just leave this here

... I haven't updated my LJ very often, but I thought I just could leave this here before I leave for vacation. ;)

Doujinshi Scan Sharing #3
Welcome to the next batch of Doujinshi I would like to share with you guys!
Not long and you will have my complete Doujinshi collection in digital form. XD also, why do I have the feeling that my LJ is only to interest for people who want to have these scans? ...that would mean that as soon as I posted up all the Doujinshi I have here, no one will come by this LJ any more, but... *shrugs* I guess this just shows what I boring person I am.

So yeah, Doujinshi were acquired through the help of karnimolly , pandir and especially winhall , thanks so much for your help! ^__^

Hmmm, what to pick, what to pick... I still have a Crow/Kiryu, Yusei/Kiryu, Kiryu cosplay Douji, a Jack/Yusei and a 5DX one...
Only 7 Doujinshi left to share...

Let's get started, shall we? ah, but before we do so, once again: if you want to use the scans, please credit me. If you find a link not working any more, or have a general poblem with the scans, then do not hesitate to ask me.
And with that, I leave you now to enjoy these things.
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so Osama is dead... again?
aaaww my gosh, I have access to my LJ again after my computer died! HOORAY!

... erm, okay, this was for the lighter news and we can move on to what I think about since yesterday.
I have been fairly busy on Monday, with being away at university for animal physiology classes in the laboratory for the whole day and whatnot. and then I come home to hear that Osama Bin Laden is dead... which makes me wonder...

How many times has he been declared dead already?

I swear, I recall it has been more than just this one time. And somehow this is what prevents me from really believing he is dead. Unless they show us real evidence of him being dead, I will not believe it.
Also, it makes me wonder why they just threw his dead body into the sea as it was claimed by some news sources. Why trying to get rid of him quickly without properly showing off he is really dead? Wouldn't it make this whole thing more believable? Because that way it will only fuel more conspiracy theories immediately:

hmmm....if anyone reads this LJ entry, what are your thoughts on this topic?

I personally am convinced that the US government told everyone who was diappointed of the Iraq war that Osama is dead to cheer them all up and give them some distraction from the fact that so many soldiers lost their lives in a senseless war, that so many civilians there had been killed, and that the wars in the Middle East cost America so much money that the collapse of their economy is unavoidable.

Read this too:


The opening alone sounds as if they had Hatsune Miku sing it... makes me wonder if they just went along with the general hype around the Vocaloids?

Listen to the beginning part of this and compare with above video...
especially around point 0:26 from this video with like 1:14 of above video. Above video sounds to me like a slower version of one part of the song of Hatsune Miku....

In any case, I am sold.... I will watch Zexal, occasionally, because Yuma reminds me of Juudai Yuki from GX and I liked this guy. Not to mention that Astral and Yuma seem to have a deeper relationship, and this reminds me of Juudai and Yubel ( my OTP of GX) so...
.... Kotori is also kinda cute there.

--- the distrubing thing is that Yuma and his sister really do look like Faithshipping children to me. ^^;;; Especially Yuma's sister. Like an Aki sitting there... from the sideview, I don't get away the feeling that this is "Dr. Aki" checking medical records or something.

But other than that, I guess I will watch Zexal...  but not with expecting anything serious to happen, like I made the mistake with 5D's to then be utterly disappointed in the end. But for something LULzy to watch, why not?

....gotta find something new
aaah, I just feel like writing something now here. Even though I have not much to tell here.
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The End of an Era - Bye Bye 5D's (or 6D's)
OMG, the end of 5Ds... now I can finally say, Rest in Peace. The Fandom will also find peace with this, and things will be left to the imagination of the people from now on. AUs will be created, and continuations done as well...
seriously, when I turned on Keyhole TV this morning at 10:30 am German Time and saw that 5Ds already is on, I was worried for a second that I have missed something...
..... but then again, we still have the manga of 5D's for those who just cannot get enough of that. XD so I guess it is not the end entirely yet.

This is the end of the world as we know itCollapse )


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